Copy to card copy to internal

The ability to move the files to and from the card would be nice touch.


There you go reading the Rockbox feature list again . . .

Ok, enough on RockBox!  It shouldn’t be the responsibilty of a group of hackers on a mission to get the features that are supported by the hardware, and with some thought, should have been included from the factory. 

I salute those guys for having the ability and fortitude to do something about the shortcomings of these devices when unfortunately all I can do is sit back and hope/pray/bitch/moan/suggest and complain.

I realize that others have thought of these improvements long before I even purchased mine.  

I also realize that every time an issue comes up, and “rockbox” is the response, more than likely, Sandisk says,“why waste our cash developing stuff when those guys will do it for free.”

I already uses this analogy elsewhere but…

It’s like buying a new car and everyone saying “you should get the rockbox engine, because the stock one sucks.”  Would you buy that car?  If I were Sandisk, I would be embarrassed that these folks have outdone their development team.  Not everyone is a tinkerer.  I like experimenting with software and fixing problems.  I am in the minority.  And so are most of the people reading this forum.

In my opinion, Sandisk is gaining minor short term sales increases from a small group of loyal customers who will buy the next upgrade however incremental it is.  They are losing BIG, by not producing the blockbuster user friendly, feature packed, devices these could be.  If the hardware supports a feature, it should be included.

You can say what you want about iPods.  Their interface is polished, the software works reliably, and though not perfect, you don’t have to mess with it to get it to work.   And who sells more units?

I won’t buy one because I refuse to go the i-tunes route.  I believe most folks who avoid iPods will secretly admit that if they didn’t have to use itunes, they would already own one.

Just look at the number of posts for the same issues, over and over again(mine included)  What’s the generic response?  “Rockbox does that”  

Well, not for me, it doesn’t.  v2 owner.  

Will I try rockbox if it supports v2?  Of course I will.  The point is:


Ok, I’m done.  Everybody knows my position on this.  Is there any coffee left?

Off my soapbox,(for now)