Converting Vedios for Sansa Fuze in Linux

Hello forum members

I am Linux user and own a Sansa Fuze 8GB. Everything worked for me except,  i could not convert a vedio to format required by Sansa Fuze with the large set of open source tools available in Linux. Everything required, resolution, fps, bitarte could be achieved in Linux equal to the demo vedio file. The only thing that I could not do was to set the  fcc header to “uncompressed,DivX 5”. My experiances are similar to

Any ideas ay one ?

To the best of my knowledge _nobody_ has been able to create a video that can be directly put onto the Fuze without having to first pass in thru the Sansa Media Converter. Hopefully that will change someday with new firmware for the Fuze.

If you do ever figure out a way to do it please come back and pass the info on to everyone else in the forum here.