Converting SanDisk Cruzer 16GB from Removable to Fixed Disk Mode

I have seen some novice users inquire on this forum about making several partitions on a SanDisk Cruzer flash drive.  From what I understand, Windows will fail to create, let alone properly read, a multi-partition flash device so long as it is recognized as a removable device, as opposed to a fixed disk.  The corresponding modes are determined by Windows by communication with the controller and the firmware, requiring a specific bit to be changed if I want it to masquerade as a fixed disk in Fixed Disk Mode, allowing me to add more than one partition.  As far as I can tell, SanDisk does not provide a utility to change this.  Some companies do, the primary example being Lexar.  Does SanDisk have a similar utility?  Please keep in mind I am not interested in a utility for this on the CompactFlash devices made by SanDisk; I am aware of them discontinuing this utility.  I want to know how to do this specifically for a SanDisk Cruzer drive, with the following vendor and model ID’s: idVendor=0781, idProduct=5530 (Linux), USB\VID_0781&PID_5530 (Windows).  It would be most appreciated if I got a semi-official response from SanDisk regarding this issue.

No response eh? I’m ver interested in this aswell, not being able to partition a 16GB drive is kind of ridiculous. I get that it’s not Sandisks fault, but it would be great if we had some sort of tool for doing this.

The limitation is a Windows one and there are ways to get around it by installing a driver on the host.  But that limits the use of the Cruzer to just that host.

It’s easier to just create a few high level folders on the Cruzer, ie Pictures, Music, Games and treat them as you would partitions.