Converting multiple chapters

What is the best way to convert multiple chapters. I am trying to download music concert dvd’s into my fuze and  instead of just having one continuous file I would like to be able to skip thru songs. Seems I can rip to mpeg4s but when I go to convert media is there a way to select all chapters and convert or is there an overall beter process/filetype for doing this?

WEll Looks as if SMC does indeed convert multiple chapters. I guess my issue is that on my fuse I can place them in individual folders with each show enclosed. but my fuse doesn’t see the folders and just displys the chapters mixed in with other movie chapters. My mp3s on the other hand are still seen in thier respective folders. Is thre a reason video chapters cannot be contained within thier own folders like mp3’s are within Album folders? or am I missing something here?