Converting from iTunes to Fuze (movie)

I have been having trouble with getting my digital copy of Hellboy II transferred to WMP 11 (just wouldn’t take the code). I was getting no where with Universal customer support. I eventually tried the alternative method…iTunes…(don’t say that! wink, wink :wink:) that worked but I can’t get it converted to WMP11 or to the Fuze using the SMC.

Anyone? Help!


I’m gusiness and pretty sure, you’d have to use a dvd converter, like anydvdconverter and then move it to an AVI format or some other acceptable format.  Then convert with SMC to your Fuze.

That’s why I haven’t bought those DVD’s with the digital movies, they say they’re ipod usable but not mention other mp3 players.  I figure I’ll spend at least $10 less and convert it myself with the software I bought (which has paid for itself by now)…

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