Converting CD to MP3 HQ

Which program do you use for ripping Audio CD to MP3 ? I want to get MP3 VBR 240. EAC is still the best choice ?

Thanks for any help

EAC might be slower than you really need, unless you have a problematic CD drive.

Anything that uses LAME should do the job. Here’s the list:

LAME rippers

It’s not just the ripping that is important, but the tagging. Different rippers connect to different tag databases, and somewhere behind all the electronic magic are humans who typed in the Artist, Album, Title, etc. Unfortunately most of the free software uses Freedb, which is pretty good but (a) slow on new releases and (b) sometimes, unpredictably, sloppy. So whatever ripper you use, look at your tags while you still have the CD to check against.

With the Fuze, it’s also good to run your ripped albums through MP3tag with its Write option (Tools/Options/Tag/Mpeg) set to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.  Put the tracks in running order, run Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard with the Leading Zeroes option, and you’ll have good tags. (Some rippers tag 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, etc. and the Fuze looks at the first digits, so 1/15 will be followed by 10/15 without leading zeroes.) ,

Yeah, thanks. I’m using LAME with EAC, after some set it up it works very well.

Off course I’m looking at tags, there are very often incorrect. MP3tag is my friend since i got my first Sandisk player :slight_smile: EAC sets number like this 2/15,3/15 etc so I have to do it with MP3tag. ISO 8859-1 as always.

White screen after long time on cable makes me feel sick. I tried to re-install software, formatting device and still the same WHITE SCREEN. This is a common Fuze problem, or my player is gonna dead ? I’m afraid of this.

I get white screens after a long charge too. Reset always takes care of it, so…why worry?

Are there any freeware CDA converters that you like? And Is LAME still free, or does anyone know of an archive site with older versions of LAME? Next are any of these available that do Error Correction? Thank you for reading this! My name is Vic.

Lame is still free. Look at my link to Lame rippers up above.

EAC has error correction. So does CDex. You can put the free lame_enc.dll into the free Media Monkey to use that for ripping.

Thank you Black Rectangle! I will give it my best shot, and let you know how it goes!! Many thanks!

B-R CDex worked very well! No errors. I’m having trouble navigating the Fuze without the PC connected. Last night I put in almost one gB of videos. I put them in the VIDEOS folder, in the internal memory. Doing a properties, shows that amount of memory used. I went to see if I could see them, and any folder in VIDEOS was empty. For encoding, I started wtih “Free Trim”. I got no joy from that at all. Next I went to CDA to MP3 converter. This one advertised that it would do “batch” converting. (So you could do all the files on one disk of an audio book at a time. And It did do this, but without error correction, the results were less than good.) CDex works very well. I do recommend it. Thanks! Vic

You can’t just drag-and-drop videos. They need a converter to be sized and formatted for the Fuze.

Get Video4Fuze. It works better than the official Sansa Media Converter.

Thank you Black Rectangle. I will give that a try. I wonder why I do not see them using the Fuze to look for them?