Converter help.


I just purchaced an e250 and all is well with the device so far with music,radio…etc.

Now for the past 4 hours I’ve been trying to get a movie on the device the way I want it with little sucess.
I have about 50 movies already converted to MPEG-4 that I had made for a previously owned PSP.It just became an oversized MP3 player.

So when I use the bundled sofware to convert to a .MOV file it not only splits the movie into several pieces it increases the size consideribly.

What I’m looking for is to be able to have the movie file in one piece and not have the file size bigger,if anything at all it should be smaller giving the fact of the small resolution of the sansa.

Any advice,links,pm’s would be greatly appreciated.

Any answer at all would be appreciated.

Even if it’s no,there is no possible way to convert a move and drag and drop it into the sansa.


you can use other converters

Any Video Converter



Could you be more specific?

Based on the documentation the only thing I can find about getting videos on my e260 is to use the SMC. I have viewed the video encoding specs and have been unsuccessful getting a video on the sansa that will play.

Here is one set of the video specs I found:

Fully Interleaved AVI

MPEG-4 (Simple Profile level 1 or 2)

Up to 512 Kbps

QCIF+ (224x176)

Up to 20 fps

When I try encoding with this described avi wrapper, my sansa won’t even include the file in the play list.

I also saw on the specs for the e260 that the video format was .mov, no more than 15fps and I think no higher than 256Kbps. I used MPEG-4 as my encoding which is probably at least one of my problem(s).

When I try to play that .mov format on my Sansa e260 it gives me a message saying, “Please use SMC to convert this video file.”

Another item I suspect may be the problem is the audio compression. I’ve been compression it to mp3, but maybe it should be WAV. That would help to explain why the SMC compressions are so large. I feel like I’m answering my own question… I should probably be using MJPEG with WAV audio compression??

Any help is appreciated.

Sorry but you MUST use the SMC software to play movies on your player.

OR if you have a “v1” e200 model you can install Rockbox, which can play standard mpeg videos.

There are multiple FREE converters to get your videos to the right size and framerate…