Converter - does it actually work?

Well, I got a 16 gig View today and I am ready to chuck it aginst the wall.

Running XP service pack 2

1.  Used DVD Decrypt to rip movies and got all the .vob files.
2.  I can import all the files from my hard drive…works a treat
3.  Soon as i hit convert it tells me…Sansa media Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.

I have downloaded the latest version, still not working for me.  I have tried any video converter, it doesnt work.  I have tried another pc running Vista, does the same.

Anybody else frustrated like me.  I think its back to the shop asap and buy a nice Ipod instead.

It does work.  I think its because you might have ripped it in a format that the Converter doesn’t recognize.  I have converted my .divx and .avi files so far and they work perfectly on my view…

Media converter doesn’t do .vob files. You’ll have to convert them before you convert them… :angry: