Converted .AVI .to .MOV results in movie lag

Hi there, I just bought my Sansa e260 today and I’m already having an issue.
As the subject reads, I get a lag in my converted .mov file (the movie starts and the speach/sound comes after), this is just on my e260 and not when I preview the movie in the Sansa media converter.
Any solutions?

What app did you use to do the converstion?

where did the .avi come from if you dont mind me asking. If you made it yourself, what device did you use. If you got it from the web, where was this at? I would like to see if we can get this tested in our labs and determine exactly whats going on here when this happens.

well now you got me thinking about codec’s… the file I converted is a divx formatted .avi file and may be the result of a bad convert from avi(divx) to .mov.
I just tried converting an .mpg file into .mov and it worked like a charm, no lag in the convert what so ever.
Still… I noticed that Sansa Media Converter during install installed some divx and some other codec files, due to this my mediaplayer now renders divx to trash :wink:

So I guess it’s a fualty codec somewhere.


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I’ve been having similar audio and video out of synch problems with a music video I’ve created. 

Used avi’s with DivX and ran them through Windows Movie Maker creating an avi file

Had to do this since Sony Vegas Movie Studio hates DivX, it makes a “fake” audio file so the clips can be used.

Since this is a music video, I don’t use the audio anyway, but it’s still there within the file.

Created music video in SVMS and had it rendered to wmv file

Posted on web

But when I convert on Sansa with Sansa Media Converter

It seems to convert to a mov fine – can play on PC just fine, everything is in synch

But when I play it on the my Sansa e250r – the audio and video are out of synch

Don’t know what all this means, but that’s the situation I’ve got.

The other music video I made had avi’s with DivX in them, but it was exclusively made with Windows Movie Maker and saved as a wmv file. 

No synching problems.

another post says that people are finding success if they uninstall their video codecs, and use the K-Lite codec pack instead… worth a shot

Hi I’m new here and saw this thread. I got my Sansa e250 three days ago and the first movie I put on it was an .avi and I converted it with the sansa converter to .mov and the sound plays much faster then the visual video. So my problem is like the original posted here. I have read what you have said and I downloaded the K-lite codec and now the version I have on my desktop runs fine but how am I supposed to use the K-lite on my Sansa?

I’m new to this sort of thing so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!:wink:


I’ve got the same problem. I was wondering if you would figure it out. Actually I don’t know what to do. --"