Convert without player connected to PC

Sansa Media Converter’s help file says that the SMC will convert media even if the player is not connected to the PC.

Section from help file reads as follows:

Note :

·If your Sansa Media Player is connected, the converted video will be directly copied across; if the Sansa Media Player is not present, the video will be converted and saved to a temporary path, which you can set by clicking the Menu  button, then selecting Tools and then Option. 

So - Why does it not allow you to convert media when the player is not connected to the PC? 

I’m using v1.0 B004.236CDG

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that manual is old, (it should be revised), but only versions of SMC prior to 4.220 can do that

I’m not having trouble converting video to my e260 …

I just find it annoying that it requires you to have the player connected the entire time.

The having trouble under my post is just my Sig…