Conversion required when synching

When synching my e260, wmp version 11 requires conversion before synching.  This takes forever.  I tried the drag and drop method and the file shows up in my player, but it says “bad track” and will not play. - Any ideas?

re-rip your cds and try again? Might be worth the effort

what’s the bitrate of your songs?
the only reason i can think of is that the bitrate of the songs you have maybe too high or too low for the player and windows media player converts it when transfering so you can play it on your e200. 

Where are you getting your songs from?

I am getting my music from my CD collection.  I ripped them in the WMA (variable rate) format.  I’m trying to re-rip them in mp3 format and see if this helps.  This happened on my sansa m200 model also.