Content not on computer.

I reset my computer to factory settings and now all the content on my Fuze won’t show up on my computer, but new music that I have put on the device is in the proper folders. 

I don’t know what to do to delete content, except on the device itself, which would take a long time. 

Also the computer shows 0% charge, but device shows 100%.

Try switching your USB Mode setting to MSC. It’s probaby set to Auto Defect which will connect in MTP mode by default. Your computer cannot see the content unless in the same mode as which it was transferred in.

If your computer is XP and you reset to the original, its Windows Media Player is version 9. You need WMP version 10 to connect to the Fuze in MTP mode. 

So if you can’t find the files in MSC mode, update your computer’s Windows Media Player (from and set Settings/System Settings/USB Mode to MTP and try connecting. 

Here is a great KB from Sandisk which you might find useful about modes.