Consistant lockup after skipping songs

Just curious if any one else has found this to be a problem…

If I skip past a handful (six or more seems is the magic number) of songs and then try to pick a new album/playlist etc, I lock up almost every time.  It seems to be consistant with or without a sd card in place so that can’t be the cause. 

Any ideas?

Mine doesn’t do that.

Mine doesn’t either.

i have a very similar problem. at first i thought my buttons were locking up but thats not the case… in addition the player will frequently just pause at a certain time time stamp but will still indicate that the song is still playing with a green arrow, ut the time scrolll does not progress.  if i manage to be able to skip forward to another song it will immediately go to the sme time the previous song stopped at.  SOmetimes my player will start just fine when i power it up and play the song where i left off, but if i try to navigate to another song it will just freeze up like i said at the beginning. this is very frustrating b/c i have had my player for about 5 motnhs, and i do not use it frequently… only once eery few days.  such a little used product should not be failing on me so soon.

My player will do that frequently. I haven’t a clue. Tried with and without sd/card. I might try defragging after I clear some music off. I haven’t tried that yet.

My problem is also similar after listening to music for some time i get an error please wait screen and the Sansa restarts. After that happens i go back to listening to music pick a song and while i am scrolling to look for another song it happens again. I dont think that its because of the micro SD card because it also does that when i dont have the MicroSD card inserted.