I’m considering this player…any opinions?

I had a Fuze for years, when it died I went to a Clip. Other than not being able to play by Genre - the Clip is doing a good job.

Note that Target and Microcenter both carry the Clip as well

@fred22 wrote:


…any opinions?

The Clip Sport is a limited function & featured player. If you’re used to the Fuze+, or even the Clip+ or Zip you will be disappointed. It does however, have a slightly larger battery that means longer playing time, but that’s about the only plus.

The Clip Sport has battery life listed as 25 hours. It is limited compared to older Sandisk players, as the Sport keeps separate databases for card memory and for internal memory. Each database is limited to 2,000 songs

the database can access. The Sport also doesn’t support browsing by genre.