Connect's Speaker

im having trouble with the speaker on my connect. I turned up the volume, disconnected the headphones and made sure the speaker was on automatic mode rather than off. any suggestions?

I assuming you are saying that the speaker is not working at all?

If so, try the Connect Recovery Tool and all the steps you just stated.

If the speaker doesn’t work after that, then you have a defective unit  (probably the spearker) and should return for exchange.

If you are saying the speaker just isn’t loud enough, then you need to use your judgement on whether to return or not.

Personnally, my Sansa Connect speaker cranks loud enough to bother my cubie mates. But it isn’t exactly HiFi.

This iM413 speaker dock is a nice addition for that.

    well…it doesnt work at all. what a letdown:cry:

Does the unit work with headphones? If it does, Mead 5 Star makes a back pack with a speaker in the front. Also I learned that i could use a small set of computer speakers, the kind that dont need pluged in it listen to mine. In my case its not that the speaker doesnt work but rather that  I am hard of hearing. Any small amplification system seems to be most helpful.

    The headphones work in it. but ill just send it back in exchange for a new one. thanks anyway for the advice.