Connection to my PC wont work

Recently purchased a SanDisk sansa cliip+.

Happily loaded (to about 10%) MP3’s and podcasts.

Connected it to the PC today and the sansa clip+ doesnt show on my PC. Additionally the display on the clip+ doesnt show the screen connecting the PC to it.

I’ve tried different ports on the PC and USB connections to it. I’ve restarted the PC and the clip + to no avail.

Any ideas please?


Try a different cable/cord?

Nope, tried that

If you just bought it, call SanDisk–1-866-SANDISK–about a replacement. Sounds like maybe something is wrong with the USB port. 

Or better, if possible, go back to your original store for a replacement.  

One thing that wasn’t suggested is that maybe you try a different computer. It may just not like yours. :stuck_out_tongue: