connection problems with e250

Hi everyone! I’m completely new to MP3 players, I’ll say that from the start, but I am a member of several forums so I know how this works.  I recently purchased a refurbed e250, and seem to be having some issues. I have been reading the forums for about 2 hours now but still coming up blank, so that’s why I’m posting.

From reading here, and looking at the back of my player, it seems I have a V1. When I connect to the computer, all I get is the pop up for “Autoplay-  Removable Disk(L)”, so I gather my computer isn’t recognizing my player.

Reading the forums I have seen several times to change my player to MSC mode, or MTP mode when connecting, but I do not have these options. When I go to my settings, I have 2 USB modes listed; USB HID, which if I enter that I have the option of YES or NO. Or USB Keypad Mode, which if I enter that, I have the options for Multimedia Mode, Presentation Mode, Browser Mode, or Mouse Mode. I have gone thru all of these, and always get the same pop up on my pc.

I have also read to switch my player to lock(the button next to the headphone jack), and push and hold the rewind button while connecting to the pc to force it into mode, and that does not work either.

I also read to switch to lock, push and hold the record button while connecting to reset the player, and that did not work either.

I will also mention, there is Rockbox installed on my player.

I have downloaded the firmware driver, and that doesn’t fimd my player either.

Granted, my player does work, I am able to listen to music, I can also listen to music loaded on a memory card. I have not been able to view pictures or videos on my player though. If I load a video on my player, it will play the sound, but not the video.

So, after all that typing, anyone have another option I can try to get my pc to find my player? Oh yeah, I have tried different USB ports as well with no luck.

So I leave it to the experts, can someone help me connect?

Wow, Nobody can help with this one?

The burning question here is the Rockbox factor.  Most readers gere are seeing some bizarre information in your post, especially if they are not running Rockbox.

USB functionality has always been a bit mercurial when Rockbox is in play.  For some time, the player has been set up to boot in the original firmware for USB connectivity.  I have plenty of hours with the original firmwares, but Rockbox is a bit of a challenge for me, since I spend the lion’s share of my free time working with the original SanDisk code resident in my players.

Does the player function normally when running on its own?  It appears that youre running in Rockbox.  Was the player shipped to you with the Rockbox build loaded?  If so, this is the first time I’ve heard of it.

Your best solution is to check out the User Guide available, as well as the forums, at  The guide is a whopping 170 pages or so, last time I browsed it.  The link for the guide can be found at the left of the linked page.

A word of wisdom is apropos regarding the Rockbox forums, however.  They appear to have taken the phrase RTFM to heart (Note, this is a family forum, once you learn the etymological details of the acronym, you may note that once you look in the mirror, your hair will be white just like Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments.)  I have seen quite a few posters chided for asking the obvious, but that is quite welcome here for several reasons.  Every day, I learn something that makes me feel Newbie all over again.

I am confident that, as some builds of Rockbox default to USB via the “OF” (secret word meaning Original Firmware in Rockbox circles), and others could “dual boot”, meaning you hold the << button while the Sansa powers up, to start in the OF.  Again, this may or may not work, depending upon the build installed on your device.  Batteries not included, and your mileage may vary, as they say.  The latest RB (Rockbox) builds do have USB support if I read the forums correctly.

Again, booting in the OF may not work as I described, but a search for “dual boot” in the Rockbox forums should help you.

Rockbox looks like a lot of fun, and there are pretty stable ports (as they call it) for the newer Sansas in the works, but I personally feel a v1 e200 will be the ideal device to try it out soon.  I’ve just been so busy with the newer machines…

Uninstalling Rockbox is also described in the linked site, and it can be reinstalled at-will, so you do have the option of reverting your e200 to the stock 01.02.18 or the latest 01.02.24 firmware, as it’s much simpler to operate than with Rockbox, especially when learning how to operate the player. 

Don’t panic, and pull the strings too harshly, for lack of a better phrase; all this will yield is a tighter knot to unravel.  Look into the RB website about connecting your device, it will be in the User Guide.  Perhaps some of the Die Hards here running Rockbox will have a moment to chime in!

I’m currently tinkering with the latest build of the Rhapsody client.  Rhapsody has branched of on its own from RealNetworks, and there are plenty of little details in that mix.  I’m probing into the latest client, running it though its paces with the RhapPFS Sansas.  I have some racing injectors (Diesel) to build for a TDI engine today, so I’ll be running about, experimenting with injector programming, but I’ll pop in now and again.  So many projects, and the sun is out today too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Thank You!!!

Yes, Rockbox was installed on my player when I received it. I purchased mine on Ebay as a refurb unit, and it came preloaded with Rockbox.

By following your instructions, pressing the rewind button while turning the unit on, I was able to boot to the original software. From there I was able to switch my player to be able to connect to my pc.

After playing with tjhis for awhile, I decided to uninstall Rockbox and go back to the original software. I don’t need all the extra bells and whistles, I bought this player to simply be able to listen to music while at work, and thought it woudl be nice to have some photos on it as well, which I can do on the Sansa software. I was able to find the uninstall instructions on the Rockbox site you directed me to as well.

So, all in all everything is working well for me now. Thank you for your help with this.