Connection of Clip+ to Nissan Note

My Nissan Note (car!) has a USB plug.  When I plug my Clip+ into the car 9 times out o 10 it is not recognised.  On the 10th time it works perfectly well.

The Nissan dealer has shown me that my Clip+ has the same issue on another car, yet when he plugs his (different brand) MP3 player into my Note, it works first time everytime.

So I assumed the fault was in my Clip+ and got the store to exchange it.  Now I have exactly the same problem - the connection works every now and then.

Is there some setting I need to correct in my Clip+?  Is Sandisk and Nissan just not compatible?

Any bright ideas welcomed.

Thank you.


I can’t find much technical info on Nissan Connect - maybe you have a manual?

Does your Nissan manual mention anything about how it reads the files, or which devices it’s compatible with?

I would expect that Nissan Connect talks to MP3 players using MSC, in which case it might not be able to find the files on your Clip+ if you’re using Auto or MSC.

Have you tried swapping the Clip+ between MTP and MSC mode?

(Settings > System Settings > USB Mode).

I’ve heard that Connect can only supply limited power to the USB port, so it can’t power USB hard disks very well, but the Clip+ should be fine.

As a workaround, you could copy your mp3s to a memory stick and shove that in…


Thanks for your reply. 

I have tried to connect the Clip+ in Auto Detect ; MTP & NSC mode, and get the same result each time

 - connection about 1 time in 10.

On the odd occasion it does connect it works perfectly fine, with all th efeatures like play track / display track title / play random tracks etc all working fine.

Since it works sometimes, it’s probably not because of the directory layout on the Clip+.

The only other possibility I can think of is the USB cable.

You probably got a new cable when you exchanged your Clip+, but could it be that the ‘A’-plug needs pushing a little further into the Connect socket, and that 1 time in 10 you push it in just hard enough so that it works?

Also make sure that the smaller mini-B end is pushed all the way into the Clip+.

OK so I don’t have a Nissan Note - I have an old Ford Mondeo, but I have a Lidl Silvercrest KH2380 car radio that has a USB socket on it.  Similarly this socket worked fine with my previous mp3 player (an Aldi special), but now when using the clip+, when I plug it in the car radio recognises something has been plugged in and switches to USB, but then it does not stay on USB but continuously swaps between USB and FM Radio.

At first I thought this was down to the USB mode on the clip+ so I have tried it in all modes but that made no difference.

I have tried it with different cables including the one that came with the clip+, and again no difference.

Has anybody got any ideas?

I’ve seen some posts about using the player while it is hooked up to a usb adapter in a car by only connecting the usb loosely – I haven’t tried it though.

I do use my player hooked up to my car radio through the aux jack. The little cable has a headphone type jack on both ends – it only cost a few dollars.

Ah, the cable may only be a few dollars, but unfortunately my car doesn’t have an aux socket (the car was built in 1994).

I’m not one to pull my car apart to run a cable from the back of my radio to an aux socket unfortunately :frowning:

And anyway, the advantage of being able to use the usb socket is that it should keep the player charged at the same time as being able to be seen as an external drive to play music from.  I assume there is no problem with the clip+ charging and connecting as a drive at the same time?



This is not a solution only a suggestion.

I drive a 95 Toyota Avalon. My CD player is a JVC KD-AR770. It has a USB port that I love. I can’t believe most manufacturers do not offer USB Port!

The current 4 or 8 GB thumb drive prices are pretty low. I purchased several Kingston brand 4 GB drives. I made copies of albums into these drives.

As soon as I attach the drive into the player, it starts playing the first album. It is very easy to go to the next album. To me, usb port is much easier than playing mp3 or wma cd.

You might want to try it. Also, with clip attached to the cd player, it will start using the battery!

Now that last statement is interesting.

Why, if I connect my clip+ to the car stereo USB port would the clip+ use it’s battery rather than charge and use the radio/car power?

Could this be why the car stereo alternates between USB and radio without managing to stay on USB and allow me to play tracks from the clip+ as if it was attached storage?

Can anybody recommend a good FM transmitter to work with the clip+?



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iRiver makes a nicely-regarded FM transmitter–easily found on Amazon, and often at good pricing.