Connecting with the Connect

To most of the Connect users who know about networking this may not effect you. To the rest of the Connect users who are not as Tech orriented this may help in any connetivity issued you may be facing.

If you are having a difficult time connecting to your router, first thing we need to do is contact your Internet Service provider (ISP) . If that is where you recieved your router, and make sure weather or not your router is set to “Static” or “DHCP”.

This can cause several delays in connection.

Alot of times if Your ISP uses all Static on the router, You may have to manually have them assist you in programming in the MAC address and setting an IP for your device.

With DHCP this is not an Issue. If you are set up as DHCP, and you are still unable to connect, We then need to check for MAC Filtering.

After that there should be no issues.

I hope this is of use to all of you.