Connecting the Clip to a radio

Hey all,

I have a problem when I want to connect my Clip to a portable radio. I use the USB-port on the radio, and this works fine. However, after a couple of minutes the connection gets cut off and the music stops. The radio is still on, the Clip itself is still on, but I have to reconnect the cable to get the connection up again. I have tried to switch the Auto-power off, but to no avail. Is it just impossible for the Clip to stay connected, or is this a production error?

Sorry, I don’t follow this–you use your radio’s USB port as a line in port from the Clip, having the sound leave the Clip through its headphone jack (presumably)?

The radio reads the music data via the USB port.  The only problems with streaming the music data from the Clip are whether the “radio” reading the data wants MSC or MTP mode, and whether the “radio” can read the mp3, or wma, files, from the music folder or the root directory.

Lots of permutations exist, plus the fact that the Clip disables its controls, going into a “slave” mode once the data signal is detected.

Portable players are changing with the times.

The newest radio / nav unit in the VW Tiguan sports an SD card slot for mp3 transfers, plus a hard drive in the radio head unit.  Every time I look around, I find more ports for these handy SanDisk memory cards.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, the radio reads the data through the USB-cable. So the Clip is connected as if it was connected to a computer. My Clip is in MSC mode, MTP mode doesn’t work. So the radio can read and play the mp3’s, but after a few minutes the connection?/data signal? breaks up.