Connecting Sansa connect to Win. Vista

I’ve owned a Sansa Connect for 4 months now and it has never connect to my Laptop running on windows vista, I loaded meadia on it from another Win XP laptop but it will not load music on vista. It is recognized in my computer when I plug it in and shows up in device manager but I cannot drag and drop files into it (like sandisk support said it would) and does not show up in Win Media Player when trying to sync but it chargers the unit (weird how my computer shows it and device manager picks it up). I have the latest version of BIOS from HP (F.3D) and all the updates. I’ve called Sandisk support and HP and still no solution. Did I waste my money?

Try this: 

I’ve had similar problems on both Vista and XP, and fixed them by simply doing a full shutdown (holding the power button down for 10 secs.) of the Connect (not just going to Sleep), then reconnecting to the PC.

When I once was in a call with Sandisk Support for another problem and mentioned the full shutdown fix, he replied something like, “Yeah, that sometimes works,” indicating he knew about this behavior.

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