Connecting and Dsiconnecting Fuze from WinXP

Pardon the dopey question, but I’ve been forced to XP by the Fuze (mostly Win2K til now.)

What is the proper procedure for disconnecting the Fuze from the computer? When I just yank the USB out of the Fuze the PC either locks up or the USB wifi quits.



thats interesting. what version of winxp do you have? sp1? sp2?

also do you have WMP11 installed? WMP10 is ok, but if your going to upgrade your wmp, I highly suggest 11. 

XP Pro SP2

Just installed WMP11.

Will report back on problems. Doesn’t look good so far. PC locked up just running WMP. 

did you upgrade to win xp from 2k? or did you do a fresh HD format and installed win XP? my guess is the upgrade between win2k may be causing the lock up.

also just wondering what your hardware specs are (cpu, ram ,etc).   

You might try left-clicking on the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in your task tray, and tell it to safely disconnect the Fuze.

I’ve just been waiting for the Fuze to stop saying “writing” for a few seconds, then pulling the USB cable with no problem.

It was a fresh install of XP. (Totally different box then the other 4 Win2K machines I use.)

‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option is what I’m used to on Win2K. Didn’t see fuse in the list, so I thought it was a function of XP or something not showing media devices?

Nope, just checked. Doesn’t show on the connected devices. 

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The Fuze has two connection choices (MTP/MSC) and an auto-choose option.  Which one is it set to, and have you tried the other?

Auto and MTP don’t show.

MSC shows. Will test and report back. It takes a while because of all the lock ups! (Just got a BSoD… arghhhh.)

MSC Locks it up also. 

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Doesn’t show?  It’s on the player… and all version of the firmware that are in release have the same options.

Settings > System Settings > USB Mode 

Sorry. Only when in MSC does the device show up in the device manager in the tool bar.

that’s working? msc mode that is?  if your only gettting crashes with MTP mode, than something is up with the mtp drivers. but your WMP crashes your comp even with your fuze isn’t connected? that’s most interesting, what are your system hardware specs?