Connecting a sandisk e270 to a Pure Evoke 2XT radio


Has anyone had any luck satisfactorily connecting the above bits of electronics together?

The headphone socket to Aux In on the radio works, but with limited volume and there is a very loud click between tracks. This noise upsets my budgie.

Is it possible to get hold of a better solution? Is there an audio output on the ‘spade-like’ terminal? If so, is there a purpose-built connector to do the job?

With anticipatory thanks…


There is line out through the dock connector, however its barely louder then the headphone jack (which just just a tiny bit below line level).  If you plug it into your stereo and its quiet, theres two possibilities:

  1.  Your stereo is busted

  2.   You don’t actually have the volume set all the way up

I can’t rememebr if the e200v1 had a volume cap or not.  You wouldn’t happen to live in Europe?  Newer MP3 players sold there are volume capped, so you might need to change your region to USA.