Connect Wireless Stick as a wireless webserver

I recently bought a Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick.

I can view photos and videos, but if I look at an html file it only downloads the html file with no css, js or image files.

Can anyone tell me if I can add something like XAMPP can I turn it into a wireless web server?

I want it to be viewable from Android, Windows, Apple etc wirelessly. I don’t require php or sql, just css and javascript support.

My understanding is that XAMPP requires the USB stick be plugged into a Windows PC to start.

I have never used XAMPP, but I have used EasyPHP which also needs Windows to run, as I understand it.

I have file associations set correctly. Maybe it acts more like FTP as it downloads the html file only and then displays it, rather than download all included files as a browser usually does.

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