Connect suggestion

Here is my suggestion for the Sansa Connect:

I would like to have an online space where I could store different files, so I could drag music, videos and photos from my PC and watch/hear them from my connect when there is a WiFi connection around and also the ability to move the files from the Connect to the online space and vice versa .

And If I would like to see my files from a friends Connect or other PC all I have to do is log-in to my online space.

To have a couple or virtual Gigabites to access from my Connect (when WiFi around) would be a big step ahead against other companies products, and something that Connect users would really enjoy.

I hope someone would listen to my suggestion

in order to do what you ask someone would have to pay for the online storage. this cost would be passed to the customer with some sort of monthly or yearly subscription adding yet another recurring bill to go with the connect.

good idea but i do not think it is realistic.

Would be nice to be able to stream music stored on your own PC, a la TiVo Digital Music Player.  Yeah, you could sync instead, but with this feature, you wouldn’t have to.  :wink:

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