Connect issue with c250 on windows xp sp2

I own a c250 with firmware version 03.02.05A. My primary system is a windows xp professional sp2 pc with USB version 1. When I attempt to connect the player to the computer, the computer recognizes a new hardware device and begins the process of ‘negotiating’ a connection. Almost inmediately the connection is lost. Every few seconds that the device remains connected, the same thing happens, over and over. Looking at the device display, I can see the connection ‘negotiation’ looping over and over: ‘Writing’, ‘Connected’, ‘Disconnected’, ‘Refresh database’, and so on. This happens whether I attempt to connect the device using the default MTP mode or the MSC mode.

My secondary system is a pc running the same version of windows xp, but equipped with USB version 2. The player successfully
connects, every single time, without a single issue, in MTP or MSC, and I have successfully transferred files to the player using MSC mode.

I am stumped as to what is going on. I don’t think it’s a faulty hardware issue on the part of my systems. I’ve tried all four available USB sockets on my primary system (the one with the issues) with the same results. All four slots have never had this problem before, either with my old mp3 player or different USB devices. I’ve ruled out a problem with the cable used to connect the c250 to the pc since I’ve used the same cable with both computers, getting an issue on one and not a single problem on the other. As far as I can tell the only difference between the two computers, as far as the c250 is concerned, is the version of the USB standard. Any ideas?

This is just a guess, but maybe the computer with the old USB standard isn’t putting out enough power for the player.

Sounds like something is wrong with your MTP drivers.

could be the mtp drivers. try stopping all media software like wmp or rhapsody, napster, etc… change the sansa to msc mode and then format the player. Of course save any files you don’t have backed up first. Once the sansa is formatted try switching back to mtp and see if the problem remains.

I was having the same problem with mine. On a hunch I uninstalled WMP11, which rolled back to WMP10. After restarting my computer, my c250 was detected and the drivers were installed immediately.

I have the same problem; When I connect the c250 to my Vista desktop machine it reads the new hardware and everything is good… Good charging, good file transfer, the whole nine yards. When I connect it to my wife’s desktop computer running XP Pro with SP2 the same thing… Everything is fine. Now when I connect it to my laptop computer running Windows Media Center which really is XP SP2 it reads the new hardware, it opens up the directory with the files within the Sansa c250 but after about 20 to 30 seconds later the directory closes unexpectedly and a yellow exclamation conflict icon appears within device manager. When I left it plugged in anyway and came back a few hours later the USB insert and unhook sounds kept chiming as though it would see that the device was there but could not correctly connect to it, and it had run down the battery to near zero.

The only conclusion I could come up with is that the USB ports on the laptop have a power restrictor on them to save battery life. They are in-fact USB 2.0 ports though.

When you experienced you conflict were you connecting you Sansa c250 to a laptop?

The only conclusion I can theorize on is by purchasing an externally powered USB hub that does not restrict power from the USB ports or connect you Sansa c250 to a computer that has no power restrictions on the USB ports like a desktop computer.

Any other feedback is appreciated.


although USB1 and USB2 should be compatable, I have found that it is not always. If your system is a desktop you can buy a USB2 card for next to nothing.  This fixed a simular problem on my scanner.

Try a google for the diferances between USB1 and 2, it is more complicated than just speed.

I have what what may be the same problem.  Win XP (Home Edition w/ SP2) sees the Sansa Sandisk C250 and invokes the “install new hardware wizard”.  It then searches for installation software but fails.  I have tried every option in the wizard and can’t get the system to set up the device.  All attempts fail and I can’t access the player.

My kids have different model players and once connected to their PC, the plug and play features take over and it is ready to use in seconds.  The new hardwear wizard never even appears.  Why is this model giving me problems?

My kids just bought this for me and gave it to me today, so it is right out of the box.  It has firmware version 03.02.05A.  Does this need to be updated?

Can anyone offer a solution?

Thank you very much.

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I’ve got exactly the same problem!!! Has anybody send you a solution for the problem? Would be glad to know.

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Phawkcpa and oneumeister:

Have you tried the device on different computers or have you tried different USB ports?  If the computer you are having problems on is a laptop you may have a power issue.  If the computer doesn’t put out enough power through the USB ports then the computer will have difficulty recognizing the device.

Also make sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed.  If you already have Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista and WMP 10 or 11 you can try the MTP porting kit.  A link to the porting kit is below.