connect dissconect on sansa fuze

alright i just got a new sansa fuze but when i connected it to my acer aspire one it connected but 10 seconds later it disconnected when it was installing drivers! and it just repeats it! i restarted into ubuntu and it worked fine! other info: i bougth the sansa from best buy! can someone help me?

Try two things.

  1. Go into Settings/USB Mode and switch to MSC. That should make it work like an other disc drive. Look in Computer or My Computer and you should see two drives: one for the unit, one for the card slot. 

  2. Uninstall (if you can) and reinstall Windows Media Player 10 or 11. That should make the connection in the other mode, MTP. Windows Media Player does many inexplicable things.   

And then, if you still have connection problems, take it back and try another one. But since you can make the connection in Linux it sounds like a Windows problem rather than a hardware problem. They can be annoying. 

Here’s the full Connection Troubleshooter

no use and i got a white screen of death!

Using same laptop with 2 operating systems, works with ubuntu and not on windows. Yeah, it looks like windows is the culprit.

Reset the device and try it on MSC again. This time if it connects, update the firmware.

only msc works but it transfers fine in msc so it will work this way! and by the way i hope they port rockbox to the v2 fuze!!!