Connect Backlight Timer Question

I have set the backlight timer to various options, but the backlight does not seem to turn off.  After the 10 or 30 second delay, the backlight slightly dims, but does not shut off.  While listening to hours worth of mp3’s in the shuffle mode, the display will stay on the entire time.  Any comments or help will be appreciated. 

Mine functions this way:

I have the backlight timer set for 30 seconds.  After 30 seconds, it dims.  After 2 minutes, it turns off, provided no input to any buttons or the thumbwheel have occurred during the 2 minute period.  The backlight may be extinguished immediately by actvating the HOLD switch lock.

You’re absolutely right.  I guess it did not help that I had the Connect plugged into the AC adapter.  D’uh!  Thanks for your assistance.