A friend brought her memory card to me to have me download games since my phone has the internet and hers doesn’t. I made sure that all the games I downloaded for her were able to be played WITHOUT the internet. However, when she put the card back into her phone the games weren’t being read. I had also downloaded songs and pictures for her which she WAS able to find. My phone is a generic Android based Huawei T-Mobile Prism. Hers is an HTC My Touch which IS NOT generic. I put the card back in my phone and the games showed right up. My question is this, why is it that my phone can read the games but her phone cannot? Is the file name based of the phone it was downloaded from somehow? If so, why were the music and pictures able to be found on her phone as well? It’s just the games that aren’t showing up. Any thoughts you have on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m confused. Thanks!

Sounds like a permission issue to me. The games you downloaded are available to play on your phone, but not any others.