If everything has ben deleted and all maps are empty, is there any possiblity to get new ones?
in that case, vere?
mvh jocke

im assuming you are talking about he file structure and all that jazz.

First you need to verify that it can be detected by the computer, if it cant be detected on any computer you go to, then none of the suggestions anyone makes is going to make any difference. So try it in msc and mtp mode, if it works… and you are able to format the player, then do so.

how do ichange betven msc and mtp? it only works connected to usb.

i can copy music to it and delete it, but once i disconnect from

computer it doesn´t work anymore?

in the windov on the mp3 it reads msc! nothing happens when i

press buttons om mp3?

mvh jocke

I honostly cant understand you enough to help you buddy. If it freezes when you disconnect, it may jsut be defective. If you can, call teh support line in whatever language is your primary

it doesn´t freeze, it is dead when disconnected!

How does it show in My Computer?

Try downloading the firmware update from here.

Follow the instructions on the site. Does it work?