Conected But won't Transfer Anything

I got my parents a 4GB Fuze because I’ve had good luck with Sansa player but this one is horrible. First, it had a problem with not be able to turn itself off. I update the firmware and reset & formatted the player. It turns off now.

However, I now can’t put music or my audible books back on the blasted thing. It says it’s connected and whether I snyc it in Windows Media Player, Audible Manager or drag and drop on to the player. I get the window that says tranferring but after a minute working on the first MP3 it says it failed. I should also note I tried loading it on a few computers with all the same results.

Someone please help me.

Thank you.

Take (or send) it back and get another one. You don’t need (or deserve) problems like this with an out-of-the-box device.

Would love to but I don’t have the receipt. Plus, I’m sure it’s too late to return it anyway. My parents took at least 2 months before using it and it work fine for a while before it started having issues.

If it’s a new (as opposed to a re-furbished) model, you still have a 1 year waranty. Call SanDisk Tech Support. If they can’t get it going, you’ll get a new one.

You have a year-long warranty, and if you call Sandisk at 1-866-SANDISK they may let you replace it without a receipt.

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. Open WIndows Explorer (My Computer or Computer) first  and see if you can connect… If you can, then repeat the experiment switched to MTP mode, opening Windows Media Player first

If neither connects, you can try replacing the cord. It might just not be making the connection.  You can find them on Amazon or eBay for under $5. Make sure it is a cord for a Sansa Fuze (E200 and View also use the same cord). DON’T GET AN IPOD CORD or you’ll fry the Sansa.

Thanks Black-Rectangle. I tracked for the purchase order and double check it wasn’t a reburbished unit then about to call SanDIsk for help.  Thought I give you cable idea a chance and it total worked. The cable was the connecting problem. Hopefully, I won’t have any other problems with this unit.

Thanks everyone for the help.