Computers of the future (just bloggin here)

What if there was a static digital storage device that would hold 1000’s of Terabytes and had a read/write time of 1ns per 100 megabit?  

What would that mean?  1st no harddrive.  2nd no RAM.  3rd no I/O buffers.  4th boot-up time essentially zero.  5th turning the computer off would not destroy anything.  6th come back a week later and pick up where you left off.  7th no graphics cards.  Computer would be fast enough to drive horizontal and vertical lasers to create 3D holographic displays(interference patterns). 

Holographic storage might get there some day.  I hope I get to see it!  I started programming in 1961 in engineering school by wiring patch-panels in what I think were IBM 830 computers.  It just totally blows my mind when I look back and see how far we’ve come.  Computers 100 years in the future will be totally unbelivable if the human race can last that long.