Computer wont boot up

My son plugged his Fuze into our laptop to charge. We do not have the program installed on this computer. Message says that it can not start due to new device. Anyone know how I can get my laptop working again?

 Disconnect the player. Start up the laptop. Then reconnect the player after the notebook finishes booting up. Make sure the notebook is plugged in. The notebook might not charge the player properly if it is running on battery power.

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With the Fuze connected, yout laptop may be trying to boot from the USB device.  As the Fuze doesn’t have the software that the computer needs to boot (the operating system), it may be the source of your troubles.

The simplest solution is to boot the laptop before plugging in!

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Or go into the BIOS and change the boot order so that your computer will start from the Hard Drive before a USB drive.

A major word of caution here: “go into the BIOS” raises a red flag.  To the uninitiated, a change here can cause disaster.  Remember that the CD / DVD must be left in the loop, as when a hard drive has issues, you need to be able to boot from a bootable CD to restore operation.

Tread lightly.

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 The BIOS is pretty much fool-proof. You can always change the settings and set defaults if something goes wrong. If you normally boot from the hard drive and need to install from a CD, just change the settings back on POST. Worse case scenario is that something goes completely wrong (VERY unlikely that it will happen from switching boot order, even for the not-so-technical ones) and the computer won’t POST. This can usually be fixed by accessing the CMOS jumper and resetting it.

I had this problem before with a USB reader. Changing the BIOS boot settings fixed the issue with no problems.