Computer *Vista* will not recognize Sansa Clip

I checked the USB port and it’s fine, yet when I plug it in it doesn’t show up on my computer.  I tried it on my sons laptop *Windows XP" and it shows up there.  Can anyone help with the Sansa Clip and Vista?  Thanks in advance!

 Have you looked in the Control Panel/ System/Device Manager to see if it shows up in there? Go to Start/Control Panel upper left corner click on System Device Manager and Your player and see if it is recognized there. If not then you might have to update the firmware. My gf has one and it worked on Vista fine.**&p_li=&p_topview=1

Yes, I’ve read so many tutorials, it isn’t even funny.  It’s not in the device manager.  Where do I update the firmware?  Thanks for you help!

Did you try switching the Clip’s USB mode to MSC, or forcing MSC mode (hold the center button down while connecting the USB cable between computer and Clip)?

Hi all and thank you for your help!  It turns out that I have an external USB port and that’s where I was plugging it into.  Turns out, I plugged it directly into the back of the USB on the computer and there it was!

Thank you all again.  You’ve been great and truly helpful!


I would have suspected Vista before hardware problems but so be it.  I too have had Vista problems.  But then again I had Bluetooth issues as well since Vista is not ready for primetime yet.