Computer to Sansa use

I have never owned a player of any sort, so it is quite possible that my expectations are completely out of line. The purpose for me purchasing the player was to remove a large amount of music off of my computer at work (6 gigs). I copied the music to the player, and then deleted it from the Windows media player library (everything is good so far). However, my thought was that I could now plug the fuze into a usb port, access the music from there and play. However, this is not the case. While plugged in, the player has little whirling arrows and I cannot access or control the fuze in any way. I can see/find the music on the fuze using the windows media player, but cannot play it unless I copy it back into the media library (this kind of defeats my original reason for the purchase). Am I missing something?

It seems as if you would benifit more form a Flash Drive or even a exteral USB harddrive. Which you can store images  video files music or anything on plug it into a computer and access it from there without loading it back on that computer.  the main purpose of an MP3 player is to be portable to listen to it anywhere with out the use of a computer or radio… like an old walkman was

Ok so my expectations were out of line. How about hooking up external speakers instead of headphones, is this an option?

I just purchased the Fuze myself But i know alot of others like all of the Ipods have external speakers you can hook to them so I would suppose that as long as you could find some that would work with this player that would be no problem.

Ok Stupid question how do I get the fuze to work while pluged in to the PC?

you cant access anything on the Fuze itself when it is plugged into the PC you will only get the connected screen… and there is no such thing as a stupid questions if it is something you need to know

I’ll second the idea of an external hard drive. I picked up an Iomega external HD and use it for a back-up for all my files. I keep everything in “My Documents”, but I have sub-folders in there - MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, and so on.

About once every other week I’ll copy everything from “My Documents” on my C drive and paste it into my external drive. Then, four or five times a year I burn it all onto a CD-RW that I keep in a fire-proof safe. I don’t mind replacing a hard drive, but my files are another matter.

In other news, I got a new toy today - but not from Sansa. I hope it’s OK to post about another company on this forum. If it isn’t, one of the moderators can delete this part - 

At any rate, I went to and got their item number 20451 - which is called “PC - To - Stereo Protected Perfection Interface”. It’s a small box about as big as a pack of cigarettes (remember those?). One wire plugs into the speaker jack on the back of the computer. This goes to that small box, and then two wires come out the other side. I plugged them into the phonograph jack on the back of my stereo amplifier. So now I can listen to my MP3’s, or internet radio or any sound file from my computer through my stereo.

It is awesome. There’s no ground potential so there’s no hum. It also comes with an on-screen equalizer and various recording tools so I can sample and record sounds from any audio file on my computer.  It only cost $30. Worth every penny. 

I don’t use MTP or Windows Media Player, but you may get better results accessing your Sansa via MSC. That way, you can easily access the tracks on the Sansa and double-click them on the PC to play them. You may even be able to configure your desktop media player to include the Sansa in amongst the folders it looks for its songs.

Note that all the tracks you have currently transferred via MTP won’t show up in MSC mode, so you should transfer those back to the PC first if you need them.