computer stop rec Sansa fuze

my computer recenlty stop recognizing my sansafuze

nd dont tell me to reset …because i cant even get on because the batteries are completely dead

Try forcing an MSC connection by pressing & holding the REW |<< button while you are plugging it into your computer. It helps to already have Windows Explorer (My Computer) open beforehand. Keep holding the |<< button until it initializes and is recognized by your computer.

Now you can leave it plugged in for a nice. long drink. :wink:

doesnt work for me…I think its because my computer keeps restarting sansa over n over

same thing here… recognized for a while yesterday but not today in linux or windows… buggy USB. I think I am returning mine   :( 

still not working sigh

this kind of thing can happen with any device, I have seen ipods and zunes that went wonky, hell my zune30 went wonky and had to be sent back for repair(they just reflashed the firmware and wiped it)

my advice when buying any of this kind of hardware is simple, always buy an extended warranty, they are worth it, My silver 8gb fuze is under a bestbuy geeksquad gadgets warr and my new 8gb flack v1 fuze is under a squaretrade warr(cost me 8bucks for 3 years)

Im not sure of a fix for this issue, but if you can, I would recommend trying an external usb charger like used for a cell phone or simlar devices, let the fuze charge for a few hours(on a decent charger that will fully charge the fuze for sure), if that dosnt work, return the device if possible.

i have setup friends and family and friends of friends with the fuze for a couple years now, I likely have close to 100 out there thanks to my good word of mouth, and there have only been a few problems, at most 6 or 7 returns, a few that needed me to reinstall the current firmware and fully format the unit(using sdformatter) but other then that, nobody has complained, hell, alot of them have picked up an extra or a few extra’s as gifts when woot or the like have sales(tigerdirect always has the fuze in stock refurbished for a good price but i would avoid their warr and get a square trade warr, it will be cheaper or same price and last 1-2 years longer then tigers!!!)

the fuze is a great little unit, dont fall for the posts you see some places reviewing it that mention that these and other forums have alot of bug reports, check any forum about any device (well any forum that dosnt delete bug/problem reports/help requests to save face) and you will see they ALL HAVE PROBLEMS, at least with the fuze, you didnt spend 130+usd to have it brick doing a forced firmware update(seen that happen on both zune and ipod units!!!)