Computer recognizes fuze but you only see blank grey screen on player

My sansa Fuze 8gb had a conniption fit.  I was listening to a book, it started to skip (that’s what it sounded like) then switched to playing bit of songs.  I turned it off and turned it on again.  Now all I get is a grey screen (ring is blue).  I’ve forced it to reset:  Held it on the on position for 15 to 20 second then turned in on quickly.  No joy.  I put it in lock, then connected to computer while pressing left button.  No joy.  The computer has no problem recognizing the Fuze.  It reads both external and internal cards just fine.  I can even sync in to windows media player.  I have downloaded latest firmware to the fuze.  If anyone else can come up with more ideas it would be greatly appreciated.  I hope it isn’t dead.  If it is dead why would the computer recognize it?

The only things you can try are manually re-applying the firmware or formatting the player while connected to your computer. If neither of these things help, I’m afraid your player is a goner. Note that form,atting will erase everything you have put on it, so if you don’t have it backed up on your computer, you’ll want to do this first.

I just tried the player again this morning.  It was all grey screen except for a little box in the middle about half the size of a postage stamp.  I could see part of the sansa loga that appears at startup.  I then forced it waited a minute and turned it on again.  IT WORKS!  I don’t know why  (I forced it about 20 times, manually redid software, firmware, etc.), but I am thankful it did!  I hope it never happens again.

That’s good to hear. It must not have liked the book it was playing.

Critics . . . everythwere! :neutral_face: :confounded: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

IF this happens again, you could do what I did for my Fuze, which has several large cracks in the screen: install Rockbox! It has an optional “voice” addon which reads everything on the screen. There is a learning curve to it, though which you can read about HERE.