Computer Not Reconizing fuze

My Computer is not reconizing you sansa fuze.When i put it in the computer the fuze just turns on it doesnt go to the right screen. It doesnt reconize in rapsody eather.

Please Help

  1. What is the status of the mp3 player while connected?

  2. What does its screen say? Does it say connected?

  3. Did you meet the system requirements? This should be Windows XP/Vista and Windows Media Player 10 or 11.  

This will help us identify the cause. 

It just turns on

The scrren is the main screen when you turn on your fuze regulary no its doesnt say connected

Yes i have Windows XP and Windows media player 11

Please help me slove this its not sloved.

You mean it just shows the main menu screen with Music, Pictures, Video, etc…? Have you tried using other USB ports?

Issue can be 2 things. Its either the USB cable or the connector pins on your Sansa is not making good contact. Are you getting a blinking battery icon (meaning its charging)?

Yea it shows the main screen

I have tryed all the USB ports and i am geting the blinking battery icon

First, change the Fuze (under Settings/USB Mode) to MSC. That’s the easier connection. If you get Connected with that, then reinstall Windows Media Player from , and see if you can also connect in MTP mode.

No connection with MSC? Then it might be the cord.

There are two sets of pins in the cord. One set charges the battery and is slightly longer.  The other transfers data.  Make sure the connector is all the way into the Fuze–it should click. Otherwise, you might try another cord–they’re about $5 at Amazon or eBay, or see if you can just try one at a store. 

Of course, it’s also possible that the connector inside the unit is bent. If changing the cord doesn’t work, and the unit is less than a year old, contact SanDisk for a repair or replacement. 

Im going to guess that it was having a bad day because it works fine today.