computer not detecting sansa

computers with low speed USB hub is not detecting my sansa e280 at all…the one with high speed hubs(latest model) computers detects but cannot open the folder in “My Computer”…but device gets charged…can transfer files only thro media player…cannot copy folders or photos

2 many same questions, 2 many answers…  search the forum…
In a nutshell…  either its

  1. the firmware


  1. ur stuck with what you got…   Then again once u d/l all yer chosen music you wont be using ur comp anytime soon [unless u plan to use e280 as a removable storage]

  2. If its the firmware … forget ur comp. Go around and bug yer friends to let u try Sansa… and use the first one that seez it as a firmware upgrade platform. [if its not online for some reason, be sure to have a downloaded firmware with u on some usb, and install it manually by copying it to Sansas root folder …then reset…  and pray for a miracle…