Computer keeps re-finding my player over and over again

Hello! i will soon attack my USB-port with a tootbrush or a IED if you cant help me

every minute my computer keeps re-finding the Sansa player in motion with a annoying windows bleep sound :slight_smile:

somethimes it atlast generates 2 gray Sansa icons in the systemtray, and after some time of re-finding it can allso find a new hardware which it allways fails to install, and that the driver may not work properly it says…well it atleast still charge the player

it dont specify what hardware it is finding

what could it be??

I have 4 USB ports on this computer, and it acts the same in all of them moore ore less…i have just buyed a new Sansa device (same model) which have acted like this from the start, it did it with the old unit allso, but not as often as it re-finds the player now.

By the way i shall not try to install the latest USB-port 2.0 firmware to my computer, cause its allready updated to that from the chipset deafult :wink:

Have my entire USB driver becomed poorly linked? or could Sansa Express be guillty here? anyone recognize this?

yes i have removed the heavy headphones when i plugg the player in to prevent them de-attach the unit

I have 01.05 US patch manually installed

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