Computer freezes when i connect the sanza fuze

I recently bought a refubished 8GB Saza Fuze from  When i plug it into my laptop which is running Windows Xp with sp3 the whole computer freezes.  When I unplug the fuze from the laptop the computer un-freezes.  So i tried changing from Auto to MTP, still same result.  Then i tried MSC and that didnt work either.  I then tried a desktop computer running Windows XP with SP3 and that computer froze also with all settings and unfroze when you unplugged it.  Then i tried a third computer running windows Vista and the computer did not freeze but the computer did not see the mp3 player.  I tried all Auto, MTP and MSC and none of them worked on the vista computer.  During all the tries when i plugged in the mp3 player it would sit there and charge. It made no attempts to connect to the computers at all.

Welcome to the undependability of woot. Send it back. You’ve done enough troubleshooting.