Computer doesn't Read Fuze

Hi all,

My hard drive recently crashed, and i had it replaced.  Among the (many) problems i’m having is getting the computer to read my Fuze (as well as, my other Sansa players).  I guess i need to load up the cd that came with it?  I don’t remember this player coming with a cd–i bought the player a year ago, and i guess it worked fine with the previous sansa software that was already on the computer.  Is there any way i can download something that would enable my computer to read (and play) my Sansa? Keep in mind, please, that you are NOT talking to a techie, so please keep it simple for me. 

Thanks a lot,


The Sansa does not require any special software to operate.  The only requirement is Windows Media Player 10 or later to support MTP mode, if that was your previous mode.

When reinstalling Windows on your new hard drive, or reinstalling the operating system, note that Windows XP does not have Windows Media Player 10 as part of the basic package.  Tp fix this, it’s simple: open Windows Media Player (it will be version 9 with XP), and click on the Help tab, then Check For Updates.

You can then download Windows Media Player 11, the latest, or just update to “10”.

If your Sansa was used in MTP mode, it should be recognized normally following the update.

Otherwise, you can set your Sansa to communicate in MSC mode.  Check the Frequently Asked Questions for details.