Computer Did Not Detect Clip

This is interesting… My computer didn’t see my Clip tonight when I plugged it in. I reconnected it, & it worked, so I’m not sure what happened. I’m using Linux, so most of you won’t be able to answer this, but if anyone can give me some words of wisdom, I’d appreciate it! Does this normally happen from time to time?

Was the moon shining?


I take it this is normal, then?

The same thing happened to me on Windows XP yesterday, with a different DAP.

So this is common with portable mp3 players? As long as it doesn’t happen too often, I can accept that. The Clip is my 2nd mp3 player, & the 1st one I had(Coby brand) was rarely detected by my computer. Maybe it doesn’t work well with Linux? Anywho, it gave me problems from the start so I opted for the Clip. Wise choice, huh?.. :wink:

Actually, I think it’s a USB and computer “situation.”  Just unplug and replug.

What exactly do you mean by “situation”? Just curious…

Just a computer/USB issue–sometimes the connection isn’t made, for whatever the reason (I have had this with a very nice work computer and peripherals).  If you speak with the tech. help people, they typically will say to first try unplugging and replugging.  Computers can be very complicated, with all that is going on, and sometimes, I guess, one of the electrons just doesn’t connect up with another, no matter how perfect we think the computer should be.


Ahh, I see… thanx again Miikerman, you’ve been a great help!!