Computer Can't Access Songs in Auto-Detect USB, Sort Order Problems in MSC

I think this is probably a commonly-sighted problem, but of my 2 computers 1 of them properly recognizes my m260 as a MP3 device with my m260 in “Auto Detect” mode, my other one (which I now use exclusively) thinks of it as a mass-storage-device–does NOT recognize it as an MP3 device. That is weird as both machines are Windows XP SP2 PCs, but oh well. Following the advice of other threads I found, I formatted the m260 with it in MSC mode, created a “Music” folder and uploaded the files. Now the 2nd computer reads the songs fine and I can upload new songs just fine (in MSC mode). So far, so good.

Now, however, the device does not sort the songs in track order. I think (not sure) it sorts them (within the artist>album) based on filename.

I don’t know if I should work-around this by adding the track number to the filename as a prefix, (2 digits, so it would be 03 if 3, etc) to force it to sort the proper order, or if someone has found a firmware or Windows XP update that will “persuade” my PC of my m260’s proper MP3 device status. That way, as was the case before with my 1st computer, I could use “drag and drop” if I wanted to but could also use software to “sync” my device with the PC, and so I won’t have to add track numbers as prefixes to the filenames to force it to sort the songs correctly.

Any tips?

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I found when I bought my m250 recently that I could no longer just drag raw files from Windows Media Player to the m250 and have them play in the order I wanted them to. I think they played in alphabetical order based on track name. BUT … if I drag the playlist to the device and then start the sync I can then listen to the files by chosing to play the playlist and the tracks will play in the proper order.

(I know that may be about as clear as mud, but I’m hoping it will be hint enough for you to solve your dilemma.)

I fixed the problem, sort of.

It occured to me why my 2nd computer behaved differently than the 1st one. The 1st one had been updated to Windows Media Player 11, the 2nd one was still Windows Media Player 9. I updated it to 11 and now this 2nd one also, with the player in “Auto Detect Mode” (rather than MSC), computer #2 will detect and treat the Sandisk m260 as a portable device.

I am right now having Windows Media Player 11 do a sync, I did turn off the setting for it to auto-sync everytime I connect the player. Good thing–it’s taking quite a bit longer to upload the files this way than the drag-drop way. At least now I have both options available to me, and the tracks are sorting like they should now.

Good thing I discovered this (apparent) need to upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 because, prior to this, I tried editing the filenames and adding the track number prefix to the Windows filename, that didn’t work, even renaming it with the pattern “01T–TitleofSong”, “02T–TitleOfSong” or even “a–Title of song” didn’t work. Turns out it was sorting by the title in the ID3 tags. It might’ve worked how I edited the title of the song in the ID3 tags (not the Windows filename) with the “01T–name of song” pattern, but that was more than what I wanted to have to do–and it would’ve looked retarded for the song titles on the player to have “01T” etc as part of their song titles.