Computer can’t see device

Yes, I do not have the original flat wire cord that the player came with. My daughter has had it for about three months. It uses a common USB cord so I don’t understand why it matters.
When I use a cord I have from sometibinf else it will charge but the comprimer (running windows 10) doesn’t see anything plugged in so I can’t add songs to the device.
I’ve looked for a replacement cord but it seems silly to have to buy a sandisk one. and I can’t find one.
Can anything else be done?
I haven’t been able to upgrade the firmware because the computer won’t recognize the device.

Yikes - sorry for all the typos! On my phone :slight_smile:

The micro USB cable that comes with the Sandisk Clip Sport and all other Sandisk players has 4 internal wires; 2 for charging and 2 for data transfer.

I discovered the micro USB cable that came with my old Garmin GPS will work well with Sandisk players. 

I have not had success with charging cables from the Dollar Store and $5 & Under store.

Thanks for the explanation!

What should I do from here? I haven’t seen any place to get a replacement for the Sandisk clip sport cable. At least not in Canada.