completely remove forever -- all internal (and other) built-in songs/files?

Hello:  have a sansa clip+.  16G microsSD chip.  That will do for my needs.  I want to completely erase all that info on the builtin disk (4 or 8 G I don’t remember which).  I was able to erase & keep erased, all the stoopid songs that came with the internal disk.  But although I erase them, the folders keep coming back.  And there is a lot of junk there, named for example with “000003b4l”.  These are more files that keep coming back.  I have removed the .bin files several times.  No difference.  Is there a way to have these things removed, forever, from the internal disk & never have them reappear?  I don’t use windows format, but use the built-in clip+ format tool, since I have no assurance the clip+ will read anything if I don’t use its own tool.  But I suspect things are being restored from the firmware.  So there’s no way to get what I want, cause the firmware’s always going to do what it wants?

-Also, there’s 2 files on the 16G SD micro chip, “DO6” and “DO8”.  Again, I think these magically appeared (but I haven’t listened to them yet, I think they’re more “tunes” the firmware put there).  Does the clip+ do that and again how do I get them permanently out? 

Thank you.

What is the USB mode your player is set to (under Settings)–MTP mode? MTP mode can do things like this.  Set the USB mode to MSC mode and try again–hopefully, this will handle any issue.  (Note:  MSC mode can’t be used with DRM’ed files.)

The microSD card is designed as a _portable medi_a card. As such, it can be used with recorders, media players, mobile phones, and cameras, simply by mounting the card in your device.

It also has the capability of handling secure media just as the Sansa does. For this capability, the host device can store license data on the card. If you transfer secure (copyrighted, subscription media like books or music), the license data for the transfer is also stored.

If you transfer media via direct control, as in MSC mode, and later make a transfer in MTP where the device has media transfer capabilities, you will find additional files on the card. I use microSD cards interchangeably, and see data for specific devices.

It can be a little confusing at first in this situation, but all you need work with is the music folder, where the files will be grouped together, or in some cases, audiobooks, podcasts, et cetera.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: