Complete Meltdown!!


I’ve tried everything on the support pages, got technical help and nothing is working. My computer won’t work. Tried reseating battery. Nope.  Wont turn on. Computer doesnt recognize it most of the time. Went to another computer w XP, got it to “see” it only with the “S” updater thing. Can’t reformat it cuz it says that format failed (mp3 player repeated over and over “locked, unlocked,locked, unlocked…” now all it says is usb connected. enter usb2 msd mode. that’s it. Now what.  eek!

v1 or v2? What operating system on computer (XP or Vista)?  Media Player 10 or 11?

Message Edited by DanCorcoran on 01-19-2008 08:20 AM

I’m getting the same message.  USB cable connected Enter usb2.0 MSD mode.  but it doesn’t allow me to do anything further.  Windows XP, Win Media Player 11.


The best place for error messages is in the Search box, where you can find replies like this one.