Compatibility Problem with Stereo w/USB Port (and car stereo too) with the 2GB Fuze

I have bought a 2GB Fuze. In MSC Mode, I downloaded some songs, and I proceeded to plug (with the USB cable) to my Sony MHC GT222,  and it says “No Media”. Reading the manual I found that the MHC can read only on FAT16 or FAT32 devices. My question is this:

Should I format the Fuze in FAT16 or FAT32? Then what? Download a firmware update, update , then format by the menu in the device?

Or should I just format by the menu in the device? The car stereo is from Sony too, so the same limitation applies. 

Oh, and can I plug a 4GB microSD in the 2GB Fuze? Where I bought it, told me that it can only support 2GB microSD. 

Thank you for your time. 

My fuze has FAT32. I don’t think any fuze has a different filesystem. Maybe do a scandisk from your computer. Use “safely remove device” before unplugging. The fuze uses a non-standard file system feature to hide some directories (for example to hide files that were transfered with MTP). That might be the problem, but normally those directories are simply ignored.

You can use microSD and microSDHC cards up to 32GB (which don’t exist, but might exist in some months)

Ok. Here goes. Nope, did a scandisk, and no problem. Connected to the Sony, and said “No medium”. And when in Windows XP when ypu click on properties the Sansa Fuze has a FAT filesystem. Help?

Make sure you are in MSC Mode. If It still says no media, copy all the files off of the Fuze onto your computer, switch the Fuze to MSC mode and then Drag and Drop them back to the fuze and Try again. It is confirmed that the fuze works with Sync which comes in Ford cars, and they need the Fuze to be in MSC (Or So I’ve Read) so I assume all players like that would require MSC.

What USB mode are you using?  Most stereos only support MSC mode.

In MSC mode. I have Windows XP SP2 in my computer and my Fuze 2GB appears as “FAT” plain and simple. Reading other messages in the community, that means that the Fuze is actually a FAT12. Tried formatting with the in-device formatter, but it didn´t work. Meaning that the stereo said “No medium”. So, is there any procedure that I could preform in a computer with Windows XP SP2, that makes a FAT12 Fuze into a FAT32 Fuze? (With details like how large the allocation should be?) I should point out that the stereo and car stereo can read FAT16 and FAT32 only, so USB memory chips and even a micromemory (with usb adaptor) could play. Oh , almost forgot. Put in a micromemory in the fuze and the stereo read the external memory only. (I could tell because the same memory had four mp3 ringtones out of the box and that was the only thing the stereo recognized and played).

All the Fuzes are ‘supposed’ to be formatted to FAT32, or maybe FAT(16) in the case of a 2GB. I don’t know why Windows is saying yours is FAT12. You said you tried the on-board format function, but it didn’t work; how so?

You can do it the old-fashioned way via a command or DOS prompt. Here’s a post from Sansafix with the command syntax.

Edit: Guess I shoulda done this before posting, but I just checked my 2GB Fuze, and starting the format process in Windows says the Fuze (having 1.88GB usuable memory space) has a FAT file system which is actully FAT16.

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Ok. Call me stubborn , but I formatted the Fuze with FAT32, and the same behaviour appeared, that is, that the stereo says “No Medium”. However, putting a microshdc 2Gb in the Fuze the stereo plays the micro , but not the content in the Fuze internal memory. Huh. However, I will format with the internal system, because I don´t see any visible benefit of formatting in windows via msc. Any ideas as to what to do? Please remember. the Fuze has always been in MSC mode. When I said that the internal didn´t work, was that formatting with the internal format presented the “No medium” message. It seems to me that the stereo just looks at the external memory, and not to the internal. Again, any ideas at what to do?

I believe I have found a workaround. Please have in mind that this is for a Sony Stereo or a Car Stereo with USB.

And also remember that Sandisk has not made compatibility tests with Sony, and therefore this workaround could be superseded by a firmware update. 

This has worked for my 2GB Fuze. 

  • Have a microshdc card and put in the slot. Preferably one 4GB, 8GB or 16GB if you have the resources. Reasons later. 
  • Plug you Fuze to a USB port.
  • Under Windows XP, under My Computer appears a removable drive Sansa Fuze (lets say H:) and a removable drive (lets say I:) the removable drive after the Fuze is the microshdc card.
  • Now, in the removable drive, under a directory called MUSIC (usually the Fuze already made this one when you plugged the micro card ) drag and drop all the music files you want to be accessed.
  • Safely remove the Fuze.
  • Wait so the Fuze updates the music database.
  • With the USB cable , plug the Fuze in the Sony Stereo / Car Stereo. Press Play. The player is accessed as a dumb drive, and the music should begin playing.

Why the card should be equal or bigger than 4GB? Because such cards are formatted as FAT32, and such media can be accessed by the Sony with USB ports. Why with a card? Because the Sony apparently are programmed to recognize a player as a solid state drive or a adapter to a solid state drive, not both as the case of the Fuze (not the exact technical details, but this is more understandable) and in such case the Sony , again, apparently recognizes the Fuze as an adapter to a solid state drive, therefore, the internal memory is invisible. A Pro with this is that the fuze can be used in a way like music for personal tastes in the internal memory and music for work in the external memory if you have a Sony with USB port in the car or in the office.