Compatibility of accessories

I received an 8GB Fuze for Christmas and am looking for accessories. I found someone on an auction site who carries a nice selection of accessories for the Fuze (covers, car and home USB chargers, docking speakers, etc.) but has them listed for the 2 and 4 GB Fuzes.  When I emailed to be sure that they will work, he didn’t seem to understand the question.  I won’t be buying from him I guess, but won’t all accessories be compatible with the 8GB as well?  The technical specs for the Fuze don’t specify a difference but, being a newbie, I wanted to be sure!  Thanks in advance for your help!!

Also, being a newbie, I found Fuze very easy to use and managed to quickly load both music and some podcasts to check the video capabilities without any problems. (After reading some of the postings on the board on Christmas, I was wondering…)  I will be singing the praises of the Fuze to all my “non-techie” friends!! 


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There is no difference between the 8GB and the 2 and 4GB Fuzes. So the accessories will work with your Fuze.

Would like to have that auction site address if you have time to respond:smiley:

I don’t know about that auction site, but I just purchased this for my husband’s fuze (no speakers):

Ebay item #300347863191 (

I purchased the comparable set for the Sansa Clip from this company several months ago and I’ve been happy with it (from previous experience, I’ll make sure to test the cord for both charging and data transfer - the original cord they sent me for the Clip worked for charging, but failed for data transfers: they sent me a replacement cord, no questions asked). I like this style of wall/car charger that uses exchangable USB cords.  Basically, anything which can be charged from a USB port can be charged by these chargers if you provide the right cord. 

I ended up buying the set on eBay and the seller goes by firegadgets.  You should be able to get to his eBay store through that name.  I was very happy with most of the accessories although I could never get the docking speakers to work right.  That may have been user error though and I really didn’t end up needing it.  The package price was so good it really wasn’t worth trying to exchange it in my case.  Hope this helps and good luck.