Compact Flash - CF Card - Partition not shown in Windows XP Embedded


I have a compactflash that is usedisnide a display unit which runs Windows XP embedded. The display got corrupted, and on putting the CF card to another display it seems that the CF card has two partitions - C: and D:

The D: partition doesnt appear . This partition has installation files which are needed for running the display unit once the windows XP embdded is rebooted. The rebooting happens but on checking the My computer the d drive partition isnt present at all. 

On putting the it to the CF card reader  on a Unbuntu installed PC, it does show the twopartitions. 

Also, on Windows 10 - it doesnt show but on using Disk Internals Reasearch I can see it and access it. 

How can I enable the D: drive partition on the CF card using the Windows Xp Embedded. The 2 partitions are also being shown in Power ISO while being cloned. 

The CF disk is San Disk Extreme III Compact Flash, 2GB,20 MB/s disk.

Can someone please help me with it.